Friday 3 June 2016

Seahorses in the Workbasket

Strange title for a blog post, don't you think?  Well, I was having a browse through an old Workbasket magazine recently.  It is dated April 1977.

Inside was an advertisement for live seahorses!

There was this cute little unused pattern with a lovely little rag doll in it as well as some other patterns that could be sent away for.

There were a another couple of funny ads too.

Lots of patterns for knitting as well as sewing.

I'm sure it was a useful little magazine of its time.

Love, Liz

Wednesday 1 June 2016

Being watched!

Ever get the feeling you are being watched?

We were at Withorn Priory on Saturday and, of course, I was taking some photographs when I noticed this bird watching me.  It sat for ages - I couldn't believe it was letting me take so many photographs of it!

If it had been a dull, dreich day I would have thought it was a bit spooky, but the sun was shining, so it didn't seem so bad.

But - what kind of bird is it?  A crow?  A jackdaw .... or something else?  Please let me know.

Also loved the name of this Church of Scotland charity shop!  Lakota - think they got the name from you!

Love, Liz