Sunday 30 December 2018

The comfort of knitting

I'd forgotten just how comforting and relaxing knitting could be.

I started this scarf in January - then put it away unfinished.  Yesterday I looked it out, surprised at how little I had accomplished before I gave up.  I haven't done any knitting since then.  But that has changed!  Sitting this morning in the quiet - just knitting, it occurred to me how peaceful and relaxed I felt. 

My worries, thoughts, dreams, anxieties were all being knit into this scarf, leaving me somehow comforted and feeling much more relaxed.  I had forgotten the peace that comes with creating.  The scarf is far from perfect - just like my life.  But both are works in progress! 


Saturday 29 December 2018


Gosh, it has been a long time since I even looked at this blog!

I've missed catching up with everyone and hearing about other people's lives.
I've not even been busy crafting or searching out vintage goodies!
Good time to change!  I'm now looking forward to getting back into my knitting and crochet and and will enjoy visiting some blogging friends.