Monday 28 October 2019

Elegant Tat!

When I first saw this vintage brochure I had to look twice!  What!  A booklet about tat?  I usually think of the word tat as meaning cheap rubbish!

I doctored that picture a wee bit!

Well, it turns out not to be quite what I expected.  It is about the elegant art of tatting which produces a type of lace.  But my goodness - how elegant is this brochure!

Love this elegant hand - makes mine look like a bear's claw!

And of course, ladies, we most definitely keep our hats on when showing off our crafting efforts to our friends ... don't we?

The booklet was produced by Coats of Paisley - (a town about 20 miles from my hometown of Greenock) where their thread production began.

Ah well, back to my very unelegant tea cosies!  Are you an elegant crafter?

Love, Liz

Sunday 20 October 2019

Autumn colour

What did I say in my last post about quieter times of autumn?  Well, that hasn't happened so far!  Still not much crafting taking place, unfortunately.

However I did find time to set up this little autumn scene.  Some gorgeous flowers - can anyone tell me what they are?

The autumn leaves garland is fake, but looks ok I think.  The huge pine cones were a gift from a neighbour a few years ago.  Just a little bit of autumn brought indoors.

One question! - How can it be the 20th of October already?????!!!!!!!  Where did the earlier part of the month go?

Love, Liz

Monday 7 October 2019


There's something very relaxing about white, don't you think?

I thought by now I would have added lots of colour to my kitchen after its makeover earlier this year, but I've not.  I still love the simplicity of keeping things white.

It is well and truly autumn now and I'm actually quite glad.  This summer was very busy and somehow I never seemed to find the time to get any crafting done.  So now that it is over I can settle down to a slower routine and hopefully get back to my knitting and sewing.

Looking forward to catching up with your lovely blogs.

Love, Liz