Thursday 9 September 2021

Time Team is back!

Great news - Time Team (TV show) is coming back!  Many of you will remember Time Team - it was a great programme about archaeology with a fabulous team of down to earth academics who were great at making archaeology and history interesting and fun to many.  I still have my original Time Team badge.

Well the good news is that they have their own YouTube channel - Time Team Classics where you can view again some of their fabulous programmes.  They also have another channel Time Team Official where the team discuss their part in various digs and - best of all - talk about what the future holds for Time Team.

There are a couple of new digs in the pipeline - so exciting!  If you loved Time Team then please go and visit their channels on YouTube and you can even support their future endeavours by becoming a Patreon member of their Channel (click on link or on "Community" on the Channel header to find out more).  Such good news!!

Love, Liz