Monday, 5 November 2012

Twisting with Joe Loss and his Orchestra

Oh what wonderful memories finding this LP brought back!

I was tidying rummaging in the cupboard and came across a pile of old LPs.  This HMV one -

 Dance to the Top Pops with

Joe Loss and his Orchestra

belonged to my Mum and Dad and dates from 1964.

When we were little my brother and I would practice dancing to this record and it was always taken up to my Granny's house on new year's day.  We usually had a party there with all my aunts and uncles.  Granny only liked Scottish music - Kenneth McKellar and Andy Stewart, so this record was played non-stop as it was the only "modern" music in the house!

I remember we would have "twisting" competitions (it was a dance - remember?)!  Categories -

who could twist the longest without getting a stitch in their side
who could twist the lowest and stay there
who could do that step that looked like you were stubbing out a fag end - the longest - Granny didn't like that one - worried about her carpets! (We didn't really stub ciggies out on her carpet)!!!!

Of course my brother and I always won!

Look at the title list - Foxtrot Medley - they've split the tunes up into actual dances! (Perhaps I should send this to "Strictly Come Dancing" - some of their music choices seem a bit strange this year!)

Joe Loss was tremendously popular with my parents' generation and the music is brilliant.  I found a clip on YouTube - have a listen to this track - Shake Medley from this LP - so evocative of those times!

Happy days!

Love, Liz


flowers on my table said...

Oh how I remember New Year's Eve's with Andy Stewart! My parents liked Joe Loss too! Love Linda x

Lucille said...

We were so bored by The White Heather Club. Our first Beatles singles were 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' and my sister had 'She Loves You'. We played them until the needle wore out!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Hahaha! Listening to the track as I type and it certainly seems to sum up that time. I can imagine me dancing to this in the kitchen when cooking!
Suzy x

Mum said...

Yep, memories indeed. The shake if I remember entailed keeping one foot securely anchored to the ground with the other slightly bent and to the front. The front foot did the shaking and the body moved to the rhythm. Do you remember the Swim which had the arms moving to swimming strokes. The Twist was great, again with feet mostly anchored to the floor. No tripping round the dance floor then!
Love from Mum

Used-to-Bees said...

Isn't it wonderful how one small find can evoke so many happy memories! Loved thinking about your dancing competition. I think you'll have to revive the tradition and play Joe Loss this Christmas!

21 Wits said...

okay google here I come!

A Treasured Past said...

Poor granny and her carpet, the renditions of the twisting competitions are so funny, especially the ciggies stubbing. I can picture you now.

Alison said...

Never heard of Joe Loss before but after listening to the it on you tube I'm a fan. It just makes me want to get up and boogie. Yeah baby!

vintage grey said...

So fun!! Love the twisting competitions! Such fun memories! Thanks for sharing! xo Heather

Vix said...

I remember Joe Loss and his orchestra, too. You can't beat music on vinyl, CD's don't have the same warmth! x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Haha, I can just imagine you and your Granny's face! My sister and I used to nag my parents to put on their record of 'The flight of the Bumblebee' and then chase us around and try to whack us with a rolled up newspaper. We were odd children!

sky-blu-pink said...

Great posts- yes, what nastalgia! We were a classical music family, but listened to Joe Loss on the radio.

Trudy said...

The Hippy Hippy Shake, eh? How could you not get up and dance to that!!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

How brilliant! I am visualising you stubbing out cigarettes as we speak, what a must play it this year!

Sarah -x-

ps thanks so much for commenting over at the Lane, so kind of you -x-