Friday, 24 April 2015

Cupboard of the Dolls

I was looking out some toys for a little visitor to play with and came across my dolls in a cupboard.

I loved Tressy - remember the little advertising song "her hair grows".  I made lots of clothes for her, especially knitted dolls clothes.  Here's a previous post about Tressy.

Margaret was another doll I had when I was very young - can't say I loved her - think perhaps it shows.  But she is still around!  You can read Margaret's story, but beware, it is not for the faint hearted!

I also had a collection of costume dolls - not to play with, of course - just for ornament.

Did you keep your dolls and did you have a favourite?

Those eyes freak me out a bit!

Have a great weekend.
Love, Liz


Mum said...

The only toy I have left now is my Panda and he's now way over 50 and has lost most of his fur.

jenann said...

I have my little 6" Rosebud thumb-suck baby and my very bald bear, Growley. Both are going on for 60 years old now.

jenann said...

Oop! Forgot (why do we ignore them?). I also have two boy and one girl, one-piece, early vinyl dolls, similar to your Margaret but with moulded hair. Tom (Sawyer), Peter (after my godmother's baby boy) and Violet (after my granny). All much loved in their time but now...somewhere....but where? Must look.

Curtise said...

Your dolls are great! We had a Tressy (she belonged to my eldest sister) but I don't recall her looking so cross! And dolls like Margaret are very familiar too - she looks rather like an elderly lady with solid-set hair, doesn't she?! xxx

Vix said...

My Tressy had a hair salon and wore a psychedelic catsuit. I sold all mine sad but they paid for a return flight to India in the early 2000s! x

Ivy Black said...

I do like having dolls about. I've still got most of the costume dolls I collected as a child. I have odd looking dolls that people give me, broken dolls and ones that I rescue. I've also still got the old bear I goy as a toddler. It was old when I got it, so she's a ripe old age now.

Old Magnolia Tree said...

I kept one of my dolls but my favourite, a rag doll, disappeared over the years. My other little doll now lives happily in my daughters bedroom along with some of my beloved teddy bears. The doll also was not one of my favourites as my big brothers decided to give her chicken pox and draw them in her with permanent pen! ! Her hair was then cut so short that she looked like she was in the army. I was to young to realise that her hair didn't grow back. But my daughter now gives her the love she deserves.

Robyn of Oz said...

The only doll I have from my childhood is a beautiful walking talking doll called Poppet. She came from England, had a lovely English speaking voice (my cousin broke her ability to talk). Poppet is quite lovely. I've had clothes made for her and would love to have her voice restored, if it was possible. I've had her since I was 10, I'm now 55!
I wish I knew what happened to my first dolly. I had her when I first moved out of home and when I moved again, she disappeared. :(

Little Nell said...

Mine have been passed on to my grandaughter so she still has my Roddy baby doll and my black doll, Topsy. She also has one of the first Barbies ever, sent from my great-aunt in the States.