Sunday, 2 August 2015

Classy Lady ... and a Blogger moan!

Isn't this a great picture?  I love her hat and the expression on her face!  Wonder how long it took her to perfect that look?  Perhaps I should have a caption competition.  What do you thing she is thinking!   (Keep it clean!!!!!)

Now for the moan -
Any one else really cheesed off by the cookies notice that appears every time you have a look at someone's blog?  It is driving me mad!!!!!!!  Is there any way to stop it?

Love, Liz


floral and feather said...

I *think* you only have to do it once for each blog so it shouldn't take too long for it to disappear hopefully!

Zoe | floral and feather

Mum said...

It appears to me that once you have clicked 'got it' for a site it won't appear when you log on to that site again. I spent ages clicking and clicking on each site but it now seems to have disappeared when I come back again. Thank goodness.

Meg said...

I'm with you's driving me nuts, if I could stop it I would

cristina said...

I thought it was only my computer or my internet network's fault, but now I see it's worldwide ... :( Too bad!

Sylvia said...

Yes, that's a great picture, Liz !
Perhaps she doesn't like wearing that hat ... :-)
About the cookies notice, I find it annoying too !
Have a nice week,

Danielle Giannandrea said...

I love this picture! I feel like she's saying "I'm fabulous and so is my hat!" And it is! ♥

Crafty in the Med said...

I'll echo your moan...I'm fed up of it .

Amanda xx

Jo said...

Yes! It's very annoying. Loving your stylish hat lady though.

Gill said...

I think she is counting the cookies to see if anyone will notice if she pops one into her handbag;)