Monday, 4 January 2016

Look at those roots!

My lovely geranium plant was fading fast at the end of November so I decided to try and salvage as much of it as I could before it finally departed to the great  windowsill in the sky!  I took a couple of cuttings and plonked them in a jug of water.  There they remained at the kitchen window almost completely ignored.  I really didn't hold out much hope, especially at this time of year.

Imagine my surprise when I noticed that some of them had really sprouted roots!  I've now transferred them to a pot with some compost in it.  Hopefully they will take, and become as fabulous as their parent plant.  Perhaps the others will eventually grow roots too.

Does this wee success qualify Shortbread & Ginger to be considered as a gardening blog?!? (Ha ha, Just joking!!!)

Love, Liz


Laurie Duncan said...

That's wonderful! I love geraniums, so I hope you are successful! :)

Mrs. Micawber said...

Woo hoo! Little roots are so exciting. Here in Wisconsin, many people un-pot their geraniums and store them over the winter (I think they hang them upside down in garages or basements). In spring they re-pot them and the plants come back to life. My one geranium overwinters in a sunny window indoors. It goes a bit dormant and hardly blooms from from December to early March, but when the days start getting longer it bursts out into flower.
Good luck with your wee plants!

Daisy Debs said...

Definitely ! Want to see more of that ! They are expensive to buy in the garden centres .

floral and feather said...

Well done!! I managed to get a basil plant to do this too and it seems to be doing well now it's in a pot :)

Zoe | floral and feather