Tuesday 11 January 2011


Girls, this is one post you will really thank me for - if you haven't tried them already, then you must try -
Raffaello chocolates!

They are wonderful!  If you like creamy white chocolate, nuts and coconut, you'll love these.
They are made by the people who make Ferrero Rocher chocs, but are ten times nicer, in my opinion.  They come in a lovely red and white box.  Hubby got me a box for Christmas, and these are all that are left - I limit myself to a few a day, although I could easily eat them all!

Try them …. go on …. you know you want to ….!!!!!

Love, Liz

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Decor To Adore said...

Oh I am a chocolate lover for sure! Lucky for me coconut is not a preference but I will keep these in mind for my daughter who is a nut for it. :)