Tuesday 4 January 2011


Look what I found!
While tidying (rummaging) today I came across -
Do you remember her from the mid 60s?
Wow - I loved this doll, I particularly love the dress she is wearing, it was my favourite outfit for her, apart from the red satin full length halterneck I made for her!  (Isn't it funny how memories come flooding back?)

Tressy's hair actually grew!
Well, she had a button on her tummy which you pressed and pulled a tuft of hair to whichever length you wanted, then there was a little key which you used on her back which rewound it back in. 

On closer look, she has quite a petulant face - funny, never noticed that before!

Love, Liz


Unknown said...

You can certainly tell Tressy was well looked after. One of my best presents ever was when one Christmas when I was about 9 Mum produced a whole box of Barbie outfits. She had painstakenly handknitted these over months and there was everything from a flamenco dress to an amazing brides outfit. My sister and I had endless hours of fun dressing our dolls in these outfits.

flowers on my table said...

OMG I had one of these and I thought I had made it up because no-one else that I know had heard of Tressy! I was browsing around your posts and glimpsed an album cover that I also owned, a mixed artists one, but I couldn't find where I saw it. You must be of similar age to me, and you have sent me on a little trip down memory lane, so thanks for that! Love Linda x

Knit, Natter, Nature, Nurture said...

Hi, I have just found your blog via streetcomber and had to comment because I too had a Tressy Doll and as 'flowers on my table'said, everyone remembers Sindy and Barbie, but no one remembers Tressy.

I only had a couple of her actual outfits because my pocket money wouldn't stretch, but used to make her fantastic clothes from odds and ends and knit her super jumpers (for winter walks and to go ski-ing in!!) - that's what it was like in the 60's.