Sunday 2 October 2011

Jackie's Personality Guide

When I did my 19 magazine post a few weeks ago, quite a few people mentioned that they read the Jackie magazine.

Look what I found! 

From 1970 - Your Jackie Personality Guide.  I remember taking this to school and just about everyone else in my class had theirs too.  We poured over it, doing all the quizzes, trying to find out ... well, basically ... how to get a boyfriend!

It has fantastic illustrations, but no mention of who the artist is, unfortunately.

Lots of advice on clothes, make up, and boosting confidence.

I'm sure they mean a radio!

Not so sure about that hairstyle!

Some things don't really change!

Love, Liz


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Liz:
'Jackie' magazine, oh how it was thought to be so very progressive [and,perhaps it was,]in its day. Certainly it was a big step forward from 'Bunty' and the cut-out clothes on the back page!!!

Some 40 years on....we wonder if all those predictions have come true?!

Kylie said...

Same old, same old...
Funny how they still write about the same things in mags today. Minus the tranny!

Karen S Booth said...

I remember that! I was obsessed with anything like that when I was a teenager! GREAT post thanks!

Used-to-Bees said...

The rug -ike hair style - can't help but think that that would be a confidence deflater! I was an avid Jackie reader, but I don't remember this. Some of the advice would have made me blush - the saucy underwear, in particular...

Mum said...

I got Jackie magazine when I grew out of the Judy mag. I never did have a tranny swinging on my arm though. I like the psychedelic picture which is reminiscent of the style of the artist Harry Endelmann who was the art director for the Yellow Submarine animation for the Beatles.
Love from Mum

lucy joy said...

Beautiful illustrations, that's one thing you don't see in girlie magazines now.
I used to be obsessed with predicting the future and loved magazine features like these.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

ha, I spotted the tranny too - made me laugh!

Missy said...

I loved Jackie! I remember being away on a school holiday in 1972 and looking forward to getting home because my mum had bought me the two issues that came out when I was away.
Lance and Jane, I remember Bunty too! I loved those cut out dolls on the back cover.