Sunday 17 November 2013

6Art & Architecture

I was delighted to be invited to the launch of a new art gallery - 6Art and opening of '456' - an exhibition by Quigley Architects of Greenock.

The exhibition is to celebrate Quigley Architects 45 years in practice and contains 45 sketches of Inverclyde landmarks such as the Glebe Sugar Refinery, the Municipal Buildings and many the other fabulous structures in the area. 

Quigley Architects are a family business.  Dad Gerry started the practice forty-five years ago and his sons Dominic and Graeme followed him into the business.  The sketches on display are by Graeme.  Dominic researched the history of the buildings and there is a little explanation of their importance beside the sketches.  It is a fabulous exhibit telling the timeline story of Greenock and surrounding area through our architectural heritage.

George Wyllie brochure by Inverclyde Council.
One room in the gallery is dedicated to local artist George Wyllie.  The exhibition which is called 'George Wyllie: Scul?tor and Navigator' looks at some of his ideas and designs, especially in connection with the River Clyde.

The gallery and exhibitions will be open during office hours at 6A George Square in Greenock and is certainly worth a visit.

Love, Liz

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sky-blu-pink said...

Fab photo on the George Wyllie brochure with the enormous safety pin! I love Alice-in-Wonderland moments.