Sunday, 31 October 2021

Haunted Houses for Hallowe'en

 I've been doing a bit of Hallowe'en cross stitch - haunted houses!

The first one was from a Waxing Moon Designs pattern - Haunted House Trio.  I just wanted a small one to turn into a little ornament for Hallowe'en.  I missed out the border and word which were in the pattern and just stitched the house.

I also thought it would be good to get a new project bag to keep my Hallowe'en stitching projects in, so I ordered this gorgeous bag from Val at Patchwork Pawprint on Etsy, and it arrived just in time!  I've got some other bags from there and you can see them here.  (I also got a beautiful vintage Christmas bag, but I'll show you that once I start my Christmas stitching.)

I also started this pattern Haunted House Sampler by Twin Peak Primitives (pattern can be bought and downloaded from their website here).  I'm not stitching the border or alphabet - just the spooky house and plants.  This has been a bit of a challenge, but I'm sticking with it and although I don't have it finished for this year, I should be able to put it out on display next year.

I hope you have a spooky Hallowe'en!

Love, Liz


Sue in Suffolk said...

When I see lovely X stitch pictures like yours I always think "must get back to X stitching" but then I remember that I just dont have the patience now and if I really did want to do some I could just walk into my craft room and fish out all the bits and start stitching!

Polyester Princess said...

I'm loving both of your haunted houses, Liz, but the second one is a particular favourite! xxx