Monday 26 December 2016

Thanks goodness that's over!

Oh well, that's it for another year - thank goodness!  (Always feel a awful saying that, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks it!)

Got a wonderful new craft light among lots of other things - so Santa really does read blogs!
Hope you had a great time.

Love, Liz


Elizabeth said...

Hope you are now relaxing with a cuppa!

Frances said...

Oh that gift of a craft light sounds rather wonderful. Santa was paying attention or able to read minds or something.

As 2016 finds its way off stage, to yield 365 days of a New Year, I wish you great health and happiness and all the rest of the good wishes in 2017.


Vesna Armstrong said...

Best wishes for the holiday season and in the New Year, Liz!
Good to hear you got presents you like. Enjoy the rest of Christmas days (nine to go :D)

white and vintage said...

Hello Liz,
yes, we had a wonderful time with great moments.