Friday 24 March 2023

Filling my Book of Days

I just received some happy mail - these lovely stickers which I ordered from Lunar Lucie on Etsy.  They are for my Book of Days where I keep track of all my cross stitch projects.

I'm really delighted with these stickers, especially the "Embroidery" set - perfect for my sewing book. The "Patchwork Quilted Houses" are just so lovely too.

Since I'm a great vintage fan, the "Vintage Aesthetic" stickers are great too.

Here's a set that I'll keep till December - perfect for Christmas.

Lunar Lucie has lots more collections of stickers on all sorts of subjects which would look great in your Book of Days, or journal.  Go on over and have a look.

Love, Liz

1 comment:

Polyester Princess said...

Those stickers look absolutely delightful, Liz, and perfect for your Book of Days! xxx