Saturday 19 March 2011

Those were the days, my friends!

Oh bliss!
Saturday afternoon, the house to myself, and Pick of the Pops with Tony Blackburn on Radio 2.  At the moment Tony is playing tracks from 1972 – love it! Favourite so far has been ‘Say you don’t mind’ by Colin Blunstone – but every song is great! Oh, Gilbert O’Sullivan has just been played ... remember him?

click on pic to see details
Love this show because there are no phone-ins, inane listener content, or a lot of chat from the person playing the music.  Just interesting, short, intelligent comments about the tracks or artists.

I wish there were more radio shows like this.

Still haven’t found a replacement show to listen to since Terry left!

Oh well ................. progress!

Remember these?

Love, Liz


Unknown said...

They just don't sing them like they used to, do they....I have visions of you dancing round your kitchen!!!! x

Scarlett said...

I'll have to listen to this show, i hate all the rubbish they fill in with between tracks, and i hate the adverts! Great tunes, a bit before i was born but hey i'm loving the 40s and 50s so Im sure i come from a previous period before :o) Scarlett x

Shortbread and Ginger said...

Yes, I'm a bit of a golden oldie and some of them did make me boogie around the kitchen! How did you know????? Scarlett - I love 40s and 50s music too - but that was waaaay before my time!!!!

flowers on my table said...

Found it! The top one is the one I had. I nearly wore it out by playing Marc Bolan "Hot Love" over and over. Thanks for the memories. Linda