Friday 20 May 2011

Sacramento on a Plate

At last I had some success charity shopping today!
Feels like ages since I found anything remotely interesting.

This lovely plate is of Sacramento City and is part of the Historic America series by Johnson Brothers of England.  The detail is amazing and there is a lovely oak leaf and acorn border.  There were two of these.

At first I thought my next two were a pair, but, although they are the same shape, they are by different manufacturers.  The first is lovely – the fuschia pattern is so pretty!  The plate has the markings of Phoenix Bone China.

The next is Rosina China – a bit plainer, but still quite sweet.

Having a bit of a problem – want to make more cake stands, but like plates too much to drill them (or should I say, get Hubby to drill them)!  Getting soft in my old age!!

Love, Liz


Pene said...

Hi Liz how lovely to have a follower who lives close by, thank you. I'm not doing another craft fair till July as I just do the monthly one at Troon. But I'll post details before it's on so come along I'd love to meet you.

Scarlett said...

ooooh Liz these are lovely!! Great find! Scarlett x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I love your cake stands, but please please don't drill those gorgeous deco plates! I am quite in love with them - great find.

Vintage Sunday said...

So glad you had success ~ and what success it was ~ such beautiful plates! The Johnson Bros Sacramento one would look lovely propped in your sweet dresser ~ the colourings similar to the other lovelies you already have displayed.
Love Brenda

A Treasured Past said...

Hi Liz, I would be too scared to drill them in fear that they would break.
Lovely finds, Tam x