Tuesday 31 March 2020

Every button tells a story

There's something very satisfying about looking at a button collection - especially when it is your own.

I was looking for some buttons for a project yesterday and was amazed that when I looked at some of the buttons I could instantly remember what item of clothing they had come from.  This blue and white striped button was an extra from a maternity dress which I wore in the 80s!  I remember it well.  I loved the dress because it was so comfortable and cool.  Instant memories.

These Paddington buttons came from a little blue cardigan that my Mum knit for my eldest son.  I got these buttons for it because I thought they were so cute.  Each one is different and you can see that I only needed two for the cardigan because the third is still attached to the card and the colour difference from washing is apparent.  The cardigan got passed down to my second son, so it was well used.  I must see if I have a photograph of either of them wearing it.

Some of the other buttons are so 80s and 90s!  I always kept the extra buttons which came with clothing - still do!

All my white buttons from old shirts and blouses are in a separate little glass jar.

Do you keep old buttons?

Love, Liz


Jo said...

Those Paddington buttons are adorable! One of my best friends would go nuts for them.

Self confessed button hoarder here. I always keep spare buttons from clothes too. I also have my granny and great aunty's button collections. It's so satisfying when a set of their buttons perfectly match a craft project. It makes whatever I'm making extra special.

Crimson Kettle said...

Aren't they beautiful. I've just inherited my Mum's button tin but haven't had a chance to tip them out yet.

mamasmercantile said...

Yes I do. I have an extensive collection of buttons that I love to go through at times. I love the paddington ones you shared with us, stunning. Stay safe.

Polyester Princess said...

I too am a button hoarder and apart from the sets of vintage buttons I pick up at flea markets, I am the proud owner of the "family buttons", those who belonged to my Mum and both grandmothers! I remember playing with these when I was little, and now that they're mine, I often come across some which definitely trigger my childhood days. Instant recognition indeed! xxx

Lilbitbrit said...

Do love a button.

Susanne said...

Of course I keep buttons, I use them on my scrapbooking. I especially love the little button box I have that belonged to my Mom.

Julie said...

I've inherited buttons from my late mother in law to add to my collection. She had some real beauties in her collection. Why is we save them for another project when we really should use them and enjoy seeing them instead of leaving them languishing in a tin or box.